About Us

Chula Nailss prides itself with beautiful Luxury Handmade Press On Nails. We use high quality products like Aprés,  Madam Glam, Pottle, Kupa Gelfinity, Riya, Joya Mia, Tracy and only genuine Swarovski crystals. All designs are top coated with gel for long lasting and durable.

We all like to look Chulas but for different reasons we do not have the time to go to the salon for hours, or simply because our work does not allow us to. Chula Nailss was created thinking of you, workers, entrepreneurs, housewives, travelers. Chula Nailss gives you the opportunity to show off beautiful hands with our Press on Nails at all times and at any time. Say goodbye to the waiting hours in the salon and say Hello to our Chula Press on nails.